Commercial Office Cleaning in Pasadena

No matter what goes on in your Pasadena office, you can never underestimate the importance of keeping it clean. Of course, when you are running a business, it can be difficult to recognize that the cleanliness of your office is a priority. After all, you have to worry about key performance indicators, hitting quotas, payroll and other responsibilities that may seem more important. But cleanliness needs to be a priority too.

You may not notice the condition your office is in when you have been spending whole days there. However, you know who will notice? Important clients and employees. And what does it say about your operation if you can’t keep a clean office? Most people tend to associate a dirty office with negligent service. This can’t be the image you want to present to clients and customers.

Furthermore, when you aren’t providing your employees with a clean working environment, you could be shooting your business in the foot. Anywhere people collect for extended periods of time, bacteria and other microbes are bound to follow. When surfaces around the office aren’t being regularly disinfected by a team of professionals, you risk losing important work to sick days and general malaise.

If you want to inspire confidence in your most important clients and keep employee morale and health high, you need to call (323) 939-4292 and speak with D.Whites Maintenance Service LLC today. D.Whites Maintenance Service LLC is a commercial cleaning company that has been helping businesses located in the Pasadena area put their best foot forward with comprehensive, efficient and affordable commercial office cleaning services.

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Full-Service Office Cleaning Company

At D.Whites Maintenance Service LLC, we are proud to be one of the top full-service office cleaning companies in the Pasadena area. What do we mean when we say we are a full-service office cleaning company? It means we can do it all. There is no cleaning job too big or too small for our highly trained team of professional janitors. So, if your office requires any of the following, give us a call:

  • • Trash collection and disposal
  • • Dusting and disinfecting or furniture, surfaces and assets
  • • Vacuuming
  • • Dust mop and damp mop hard surfaced floors
  • • Glass cleaning
  • • Restroom cleaning
  • • Floor care

Whether you require one or all of the services listed, call (323) 939-4292. Even if you don’t see a service your office requires, feel free to give us a call and tell us what you need and we guarantee that we have the personnel, equipment and expertise to get the job done.

Personalized Consultations for All Office Cleaning Services

We strive to build close working relationships with our clients. To add a personal touch to our services, we’ve developed an extensive consultation process, which helps us address our customers’ issues and meet their precise needs.

After you’ve contacted us, we’ll arrange a time to meet you at your location. During the consultation, one of our representatives will inspect your property, listen to what you want, and answer any questions you may have about our services. We’ll then explain how we’ll develop a detailed cleaning regimen that improves the overall condition of your property. We’ll include scheduling, cleaning crew information, and a quote for our services.

No Stress, No Obligation

At D.Whites Maintenance Service LLC, we allow customers to make an informed decision about their office cleaning. Our consultations come with no-obligation to hire us. You can walk away if you’re not satisfied. At the same time, we’ll give you the advice and guidance you need to see the benefit of our services. We’re confident that once you’ve gone through your consultation, you’ll understand what a bargain value our cleaning services provide.

Custom Office Cleaning Programs

Tailored for You

Every office is different. And each requires a different cleaning regimen.

At D.Whites Maintenance Service LLC, we work with you to develop an entirely custom cleaning program, carefully designed with the needs of your office in mind. Every detail is customizable, from your cleaning crews’ schedules to the surface treatments we use. We’ll make sure you approve of every aspect before undertaking our work. You’ll know exactly what to expect from our services—though that won’t stop us from going above and beyond and exceeding your expectations from time to time.

Safe, Effective, and Professional—Local Office Cleaning Done Right

We take pride in our work, and it shows in the quality of our cleaning services. Each member of our cleaning crews has been carefully selected, screened, vetted, and trained to provide the best cleaning available. They’re reliable, dependable, and professional: a team of expert tradespeople committed to their craft.

We use time-tested cleaning methods to ensure our treatments are safe and effective. With us on the job, you can expect a clean, immaculate office you’ll be proud to call your own.

Flexibility and Convenience: Save Time on Your Office Cleaning

We strive to make our services as flexible and convenient for our customers as possible. We’ll happily adjust our cleaning schedule according to your needs. That way, you can keep your office clean without sacrificing productivity.

We work hard to avoid disrupting our clients’ operations. As a business ourselves, we appreciate the importance of maintaining a consistent workflow. We also understand how impactful any interruption to that flow can be. For those reasons, we refrain from blocking pathways, interrupting your staff, or causing any unnecessary commotion. Instead, we focus on careful cleaning that improves a workplace’s environment. We’ll do what we do best so that you and your staff can do what you do best.

The Carpet Cleaning Specialists

We also specialize in commercial carpet care. Office carpets are magnets for dirt, dust, hair and other contaminants that could be negatively impacting your office’s indoor air quality. If your office uses carpeting, a healthy and productive office typically starts from the ground up. Just let us know that you require our commercial carpet cleaning services and we’ll be happy to give it the cleaning it needs.

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